About us


AS SHOULD BE UNDERSTANDABLE, ONCE WE AS A SPECIES HAVE OVERCOME OUR PETTY DIFFERENCES, we will seek to take over the solar system which will include cooling Venus, heating and adding water and gases to Mars, perfecting the Earth, constructing underground mining and production facilities on and in the Moon, and robot based mining and prospecting  and collecting of meteors and asteroids from the Asteroid belt to form the body and outer shielding shell of what will be many spinning artifical life pods of vast proportions, miles wide, forming shielded artificial enviornments for the long term presurvation of humanity in a low radiation zone habitat.

   During the process,  since we are in the range of the outer planets, and since we will be engaged in building massive self supportive shielded space bases, it becomes a simple hop skip and a jump for us to expand a bit more, and start to make serious use of the many moons, many many moons, and their exotic natures, such as for sources of water, and methane, and other exotic substances which can be of great use in launching extremely vast deep space colony ships which are meant to spend decades if not hundreds of years to reach their target stars.

   As we build and launch these massive ships, it behoves us to also seek to populate every corner of our solar system with as many human bodies as possible to ensure our survival in any worst case senario. The doing of which will require that under all circumstances we will need hundreds of feet of rock and solid metals and minerals to protect our prescious DNA based package to survive and thrive deep inside moons or asteriod bodies which may orbit exotic worlds such as Jupiter and Saturn, etc...   There is no actual limit to where we can live as long as we have decent resources, and decent shielding from the intense gamma and cosmic radation we would otherwise be exposed too.  

   Radiation is bad.